The NCLBC shall exercise unified political power for the betterment of people of color and consequently, all North Carolinians.
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Chair’s Corner

From the Chairman


As the new Chairman of the North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus (NCLBC) I would like to thank my colleagues for their trust and amazing vote of confidence in electing me to lead our esteemed organization. I humbly accept this new challenge and ask for your prayers and continued support throughout my term.

At this point I’d like to ask you to join me in expressing our gratitude for the steadfast leadership of our immediate past chair, Senator Erica Smith, former Sergeant of Arms, Representative Robert Reives and former Treasurer, Representative Rosa Gill for their incredible talents.

Our 2019 priorities to be addressed are as follows:

We must ensure that everyone in our community has access to education, from the playrooms of pre-school to the grand halls of our State’s award-winning universities and Historically Black Colleges.

It’s on us to assure that all North Carolina Citizens are given the same job opportunities as their fellow citizens and furthermore, are given the equal ability to rise on the economic ladder of justice.

Health Care
We need assurance that all North Carolinians have access to affordable, quality, health care so that they too can lead healthy lives in the competitive world of today.

I ask for your continued support in promoting the Caucus mission and I look forward to a productive and collaborative two years.
Chairman Paul A. Lowe, Jr.