Promoting legislative policies and actions responsive to the needs of all North Carolinians, particularly African Americans, people of color and other disparate groups.
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Criminal Justice Committee

Addressing the continuing inequalities in the criminal justice system for black, brown and poor people of all races. On average, it takes $28,000 per year to house an inmate in the NC Correctional System. Legislators are also working on “Ban the Box,” House Bill 208. Many cities have enacted a similar law that bans applications that ask to identify if the applicant is a convicted felon. The legislation would allow employers to ask criminal background questions after they have made a job offer or if the applicant is seeking a job that could place the public or certain individuals at risk. An employer who violates the act will face a $100 civil penalty.


Rep. Marcus Brandon, Chair

Rep. Nathan Baskerville

Rep. George Graham

Rep. Rodney Moore

Rep. Beverly Earle

Rep Annie Mobley

Rep. Charles Graham

Sen. Angela Bryant