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Monday Wrap: Everyone out of the pool

June 12th, 2018

— While the Senate worked late into the night Monday, House members churned through their floor calendar as quickly as possible to head off to a pool party sponsored by some lobbyists.

One of the items that delayed the Senate was lengthy debate on the annual Farm Bill. The bill was up for its final reading before heading to the House, but not before sponsor Sen. Brent Jackson, R-Sampson, proposed some major amendments to a provision that makes it exceedingly difficult for people who live near major hog or poultry farms to sue for foul odors, insects and other nuisance conditions.

Meanwhile, on the House side, members quickly passed changes to state cremation regulations to allow parents of multiple stillborn infants to cremate them at the same time. An Apex couple recently had to go to Virginia to cremate their twin daughters because of North Carolina’s restrictions.

Legislation to set up a tracking system for rape kits at law enforcement agencies statewide was postponed until Tuesday so people could do more work on possible amendments.

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