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NC congressional candidate trades harassment charges with ex-wife’s husband

July 7th, 2018

— A judge on Friday denied a protective order a local candidate for Congress sought against his ex-wife’s current husband.

Steve Von Loor, the Republican nominee challenging Democratic 4th District Congressman David Price, claimed that A.J. Robey was harassing him and making him afraid for his safety. He claims Robey has a collection of “assault knives” and has thrown rocks at his car.

Meanwhile, Robey claimed the opposite was true, accusing Von Loor of threatening behavior toward Maria Robey, who divorced Von Loor in 2010. He wanted a court order to keep Von Loor away from his home.

The case is complicated by the fact that Von Loor and his ex-wife share custody of two young sons.

Wake County District Judge Dan Nagle threw out both claims, saying they didn’t rise to the level of severity the law requires for protective orders. He also gave both men, who have engaged in an acrimonious back-and-forth on social media in recent weeks, and their wives a lecture about their parenting skills, telling them to start acting like adults.

“Custody and visitation should be about the children, but now it’s turned into something else, and it’s having a bad effect on the children,” Nagle said.

Maria Robey accused Von Loor of domestic abuse in 2010, and a judge at that time did issue a protective order. But Von Loor denies the accusation, and Nagle refused to consider it.

Von Loor also accused A.J. Robey of slandering him as a political candidate and of using a racial slur. Robey denied the allegation.

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