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Today@NCCapitol: Farming and bounced checks

June 11th, 2019

— Here’s what’s going on at the General Assembly on Tuesday, June 11:

  • Senate Judiciary takes up the annual Farm Act. (10 a.m., 1124/1224 LB)
  • Senate State and Local Government debate spinning Alcohol Law Enforcement out of the State Bureau of Investigation. (2 p.m., 1124/1224 LB)
  • House Homeland Security, Military and Veterans Affairs considers giving businesses owned by disabled veterans a preference on state contracts. (3 p.m., 1228/1327 LB)
  • House Banking considers allowing banks to charge higher fees on returned checks. (3 p.m., 423 LOB)
  • Neither the Senate nor the House have major bills on their floor calendars.

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