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Today@NCCapitol: ICE and alcohol

June 12th, 2019

— Here’s what’s going on at the General Assembly on Wednesday, June 12:

  • House Judiciary considers extending the statute of limitations for civil suits involving child sex abuse. (10 a.m., 544 LOB)
  • Senate Health Care debates repealing the state’s Certificate of Need regulations for new health care facilities. (10 a.m., 643 LOB)
  • Senate Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources discusses requiring solar energy and wind farm operators to recycle old components. (10 a.m., 1124/1224 LB)
  • Senate Finance takes up the annual Farm Bill, including provisions on hemp production and hog farms. (1 p.m., 544 LOB)
  • Senate Judiciary debates bills requiring sheriffs to cooperate with federal immigration officials and allowing guns at worship services held on school property. (2 p.m., 1124/1224 LB)
  • Senate Commerce and Insurance considers allowing alcohol to be sold at college sporting events. (2 p.m., 1027/1128 LB)
  • The House has Wake County voting maps, police body-worn and dashboard camera video rules and advanced math courses on its 3 p.m. floor calendar.
  • The Senate convenes at 9:30 a.m., although its voting session will be held later in the day, when it will take up a moratorium on new wind farms and a repeal of the Map Act.

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