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Weekly Wrap: It’s raining subpoenas

September 8th, 2018

— North Carolina finally has a ballot, and federal officials insist they don’t want to see how people vote them – only all of their other voter information.

The Department of Justice issued subpoenas to state and county elections boards for millions of documents containing voter information in 44 counties across eastern North Carolina. The subpoenas appear to be connected to a Wilmington grand jury that last month charged 19 foreign nationals with voting in the 2016 election.

After some initial pushback, federal officials said information detailing how people who cast early or absentee ballots voted. Still, the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement plans to fight the subpoenas.

The fight was a come down for the board, which earlier in the week found it could finally start printing ballots after the last the of the issues delaying the process were resolved. A state court said two amendments that Gov. Roy Cooper had challenged could appear on the ballot, while a federal court said it was too late in the process to redraw gerrymandered congressional districts before the November election.

Outside of the voting booth, the state Division of Motor Vehicles continues to have problems with long customer waits, but the commissioner assured the Board of Transportation that steps were being made to improve efficiency.

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